A Quick Thanksgiving Post …

November 26, 2015 at 12:12 pm

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you have been reading my new book, NOT JUST UP AND DOWN, you may recall this passage:

Remember that proud moment at the Thanksgiving table when you told Uncle Shithead what you really think of him and his stupid politics and where he could stick it, along with the cranberry sauce and stuffing?

It was your finest hour, no doubt about it, but for some strange reason your partner didn’t congratulate you. No, on the drive back—pointedly and with great emphasis—she didn’t say a word. Tacit. Allegro con silentio. Then, at home, in your pajamas, just as you were dimming the lights, she let loose. She tore into you. She ripped you to shreds, lacerated, eviscerated—folded, stapled, mutilated—pulled out a Sharpie and wrote Mongolia on the one patch of contiguous skin remaining on your forehead, affixed a stamp, and tossed you in a snowbank in the general direction of the mailbox.

Hopefully, your holiday is going better than that, but always keep in mind that staying home and and watching CSI reruns in your pajamas may not be such a bad idea, either. You know best what is good for you. I happen to be home in my pajamas right now, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet.

Till next time …