My Readers Talk About My Book

December 31, 2015 at 1:18 pm


My book, NOT JUST UP AND DOWN: UNDERSTANDING MOOD IN BIPOLAR DISORDER, was released in November as an ebook and in December as a paperback. My readers tell a better story than I can, Here is a sampling of their Amazon customer reviews …

This is such a valuable book. Not only for people who have the diagnosis of bipolar, but for those who want to understand a bit more about psychiatry, the complexity of mood disorders, or how to understand a loved one with interesting brain wiring. John is ahead of his time in presenting balanced, well-researched information in a manner that is entertaining. A true writer, his words are easily comprehended – especially on such a sophisticated subject matter.
– Therese

When it comes to exploring the gray matter between our ears, John’s got chops in this area of the mental health field, period. As a been-there-and-back journalist-turned-expert, he disseminates profoundly complicated layers of history and inside drama into a story the lay person can understand without the glazed-eye effect. No snoring. The man gets your attention and keeps it!
– Tamara

I have been reading John McManamy for years and he is compelling, insightful and a fine writer. His thoughts on hypomania feeling the most “normal”, on managing cycles within cycles gives fascinating criticism to the DSM5 definitions that obscure rather than illuminate. …What is most compelling is his experience with the states, medications and choices he writes about. He has “skin in the game”. And that outweighs the excessively neutral tone of academic writing on the disease.
– Herb Lady

His perspective is refreshing and thought-provoking. He has once again done a great service, not only to people with bipolar disorder but also to their loved ones.
– Carlo

There are simply not enough of these books for the public to read. McManamy stares directly into the soul …
– Budster

I find John an original and erudite thinker yet a very clear communicator (his years as a journalist no doubt plays a role there). He is devoted to science and firmly grounded in the reality of his own experiences as a patient. I have been following his work for years, and have been eagerly awaiting his latest book for some time now. All I can say is, John delivers.
– Gina

John McManamy has years of seasoned insight. In a world of too-quick pharmaceutical numb-downs, John presents a human experience that everyone goes through on one level of intensity or another. … I am grateful John holds up a lantern as he lights the way to open hearts and greater understanding.
– Jonathon

McManamy strives to make each person with depression and bipolar disorder an expert patient. Far from being at the mercy of doctors, therapists, programs, hospitals, family and other caregivers, people with mood disorders can take the driver’s seat and harness a care team to get to living the life we want to live. … Walking the walk and not just talking the talk is key to McManamy’s expertise …
– Amy

Even as someone who has a mental illness, I tire of mental health books that re-hash information I already know and often tell depressing stories. Not Just Up and Down is different! He is an expert with a sense of humor …
– Whitney

This book is so well written I didn’t want to put the book down! My husband who doesn’t like reading about mental illness picked it up and said, “My goodness this guy knows how to write!” He goes into detail how bipolar works, how you can help yourself, how one is able to cope with this illness. John McManamy is a brilliant writer. What a gift he is to this world. I highly recommend this book to families dealing with bipolar and those who battle this illness.
– Christina

I read this book and found it to be very informative about a condition that can be very confusing to many. I loved the balance between reasearch and personal antidotes. I learned about the history of psychiatry and its impact upon diagnosis and treatment. Mostly, I love the hope this book offers.
– Jade


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