Bipolar and Creativity

May 26, 2016 at 11:06 am

One of the first things those new to bipolar want to know about is the connection between bipolar and creativity. It’s as if we’re looking for some kind of silver lining to compensate for all we’ve been through. The good news is – yes – there is a connection, validated by a number of studies. The bad news is that our depressions and manias are an impediment to creativity. The same studies that validate the bipolar-creatity connection also show that the real beneficiaries are the first-degree relatives. These are the ones who have hit the genetic jackpot – north of normal, south of bipolar. Our goal then, is to aim for that sweet spot.

In this video – our new Youtube Series called Bipolar Stuff in the Shack – Maggie Reese and I explain the ins and outs of bipolar and creativity. We also look at what you can do to enhance your creativity. Not all of us are born to be artists and writers and musicians, but we can stoke our inner Van Gogh by buying a coloring book and simply having fun.

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