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November 3, 2015 at 7:45 pm

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By John McManamy

I’m days away from uploading my new ebook to Amazon. NOT JUST UP AND DOWN is scheduled as the first book in The Bipolar Expert Series, a six-book publishing project. This first book is on moods, and busts a host of conventional psychiatry myths. The central theme is that by knowing ourselves, we become our own expert, in better shape to manage our own recovery. Recovery, in short, is a non-starter without “knowing thyself.”

Central to NOT JUST UP AND DOWN is the proposition that bipolar is a cycling illness, with our brains in perpetual motion. Depression and mania do not occur in isolation. Each exerts a gravitational pull on the other. In turn, we have our temperaments influencing our mood from one direction and our environment from another.

We also have “normal” to consider. Why don’t we let this excerpt do the talking …

Knowing our illness makes no sense without knowing ourselves. It’s not enough to assume that once we get our bipolar under control that we can simply navigate our way back to normal. Especially if we have no concept of our own true normal.

This is especially true, having regard for the fact that our condition is so embedded in our personality and subject to the whims of our environment. Over the years I have learned to accept the fact that I will be more depressed than I would like to be and more animated than those around me would like me to be.

There will also be those times I find myself alone and isolated, questioning my very existence and freaking out and falling to pieces over nothing. And when this happens there is nothing more I would rather do than remove my infinitely unreliable brain from its casing and return it to the customer service counter of life.

I wouldn’t even ask the clerk to replace it with a brain that works. Stuff anything into the empty space. Bubble-wrap, pie filling—I’m fine with that. Then, on reflection, I can’t help but think: You know, most people have already chosen those options. Do I really want to be like them? Pie filling for brains? Normal?

Do you?

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